Money-Wasting Time-Savers

Conveniently Money-Wasting out of Convenience to Save Time Think of your time as $24 a day.  But you can’t put your money in a bank (or a credit union if you’ve abandoned ship after feeling betrayed by $5 debit card fees!).  You get a $1 for each hour, and as that hour expires so does your $1 […]

How to Create a Budget from Scratch

Are you financially secure or financially unstable? Often times the difference comes down to creating a budget, and then having that budget and sticking to it. These aren’t the only contributing factors, but a budget is the cornerstone of financial security. Are you interested in starting one? Would you like to know how simple it […]

Could apps help get your finances in order?

This is a guest post. If interested in submitting a guest post please read our guest posting policy then contact us. For some people staying on top of their finances is a breeze, but for many of us it can prove quite a struggle. Organization is perhaps the key to feeling more content about money, but […]

How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring

There’s too many opinions on how much to spend on an engagement ring. The only opinion that really matters is your lady’s. The problem is, you may feel like a chump for straight up asking her how much you should spend. And you don’t want to ask her friends that question either. I would normally […]

How I cut my Internet cost with one phone call!

I cut my internet cost by 40%, had the speed bumped up by 5mbps, and received a $50 credit with one phone call. How did I do this? It’s easy and I’ll tell you how. Do Your Research AT&T sent me some advertisements in the mail so I decided to see how legit their offered […]

FreeTaxUSA Review | Time to Get Your Tax Return!

For 12 months out of the year we dread paying taxes and then we dread having to file taxes. What’s our glimmer of hope? Maybe getting a decent tax return?! Isn’t it a bummer to have to pay a fee to file those taxes before you can get a return? Well, with FreeTaxUSA if your […]

Couponing Like A Pro | Check Out My Guest Post

There’s a craze out there and it’s gone global! It’s called Couponing! Some of us dabble in it and others treat it like a hobby. I personally like the CVS and Costco coupons because I routinely shop there. I keep couponing simple and leave them in my car, and that eliminates a lot of the […]

Three Ways to Get the Best Value for Your Trade-In Used Car

Few people wait until their car is broken down beyond repair to buy a new one. So when it’s time to upgrade, how do you get the most money for your old set of wheels? If you’re looking for the best return on your vehicle, selling privately is always the way to go. But not […]

Five Ways to Make or Save Money With Your Tax Refund

When calculating your taxes for the previous year, you may find that you’ll be receiving a refund. This is usually because your employer deducted more taxes from your paychecks than you owed. And while the impulse to buy a new T.V., fly to Europe or update your wardrobe may be strong, you should carefully consider […]

5 Money Problems to Avoid

Most of the time we don’t think about financial poor life choices until it’s too late. We’re living the high life and then WHAM! life throws a curve ball and we’re stuck because we got no emergency fund or solid budget to follow.  There are 5 money problems to avoid that we should all keep […]