Fearless. Am I?

Fear consumes our energy. Fear leaves us empty. Fear makes us ineffective. Fear is a parasite. Fear is Real. Sometimes it is so invasive that it feels tangible. And the more it controls us the more real it starts to feel, and we gradually lose control. Do we have to be controlled by these feelings […]

Alpha Male v. The Gentleman: Can You Be Bold and Still Be a Gentleman?

The following is a guest post by an author who gets the readers of Fearless Men. We’re extremely excited to have Brian Cornwell from NextLuxury as a guest on our site. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, please read our guest posting policy and contact us. There’s a phenomenon happening right in male lifestyles, and it […]

Larry Page, Google’s Co-Founder and CEO, Leads their stock to $900

The headlines read “Google hits $900.00 a share.” This was the headline on May, 15, 2013. It was the first time that Google’s stock closed above the $900.00 mark. My first thought was, “Why did I sell my Google stock years ago?!”. Once I got over that disappointment it dawned on me the impact of achieving […]

Go Talk To Her: How To Talk To Any Girl

Confidence. It’s a lost art. Douchbaggery and rampant Alpha Males have ruined many a man’s confidence when he wants to talk to a woman. Have you ever found your self-assurance lacking and asking yourself, “How do I talk to her?” It’s not rocket science. And it shouldn’t be scary. So go talk to her. The […]

Declaration of Independence | The Fearless Men on 4th of July 1776

Remembering The Declaration of Independence and the Fearless Men who made our Independence happen. With the barbeques, fireworks and other festivities it is easy to forget why we celebrate Independence Day. Here at Fearless Men we believe it’s important to remember where our freedoms came from and honor the sacrifices made then and now. Sacrifices […]

Fearless Mens’s Best Quotes On Overcoming Fear

I’m seriously remiss on how in the world we have yet to post quotes on Overcoming Fear. Of all the fear quotes, manly quotes, and insane insights we’ve shared, Fearless Men has yet to do this one. Here’s some hard-hitting quotes on overcoming fear to rip through self-doubt and and thoughts that paralyze men. Our […]

Down Syndrome MMA Fighter Garrett Holeve: What I Learned From Him About Being A Man

Garrett Holeve is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He also has Down Syndrome. When you look at him, what do you see? Watch this video, and you’ll see what I learned about being a man from Garrett Holeve. Who’s Garrett? Garrett Holeve is a 5’0”, 135 pound, 23 year old man who’s life was changed […]

Navy Seal Lt Murphy | Medal of Honor

History regales us with tales of soldiers who risked all, sacrificed everything and performed heroic acts of courage in defense of their country. In today’s modern world my opinion is that the word “heroic” has been abused and is too-often used to describe actions that aren’t heroic but simply correct behavior. Or we picture heroes […]

Become More Resilient: Improve Your Adversity Quotient

What is Adversity Quotient or “AQ”? It’s a measurement of a person’s resilience, such as IQ is one way to measure a person’s intelligence: Intelligence Quotient. While “AQ” is IQ’s lesser known cousin, it’s not necessarily any less important. Understanding your Adversity Quotient is quite important. It tells a lot about you, your drive against […]

Great Story on Courage: Charles Lindbergh | The Spirit of St Louis

In 2013 the average flight time between New York and Paris is 7 hours and 30 minutes with 3635 miles separating the cities. In 1927 Charles Lindbergh did it in 33 hours, 30 minutes and 29.8 seconds to become the first human to fly the Atlantic Oceaen. He left on May 20 from Roosevelt Field, […]