Carbs Are Killing You [Infographic]

Why are Americans fat? People are drawn to “Low-Fat” products, snacks, meals, and even milk. But is it really fat that makes America thick around the waist? You may be surprised to know that carbs are killing you–the wrong kind of carbs are continuing to make people obese and risk their health.

Fat usually gets a bad rap. Sure, there’s some nasty fats out there like Transfat. But fat in our diet isn’t the leading cause of bodily decline. It’s sugar and carbs refined in a way not best for man.

The infographic below breaks down clearly why the wrong carbs are killing you, rather than fat.

carbs are killing you



  1. That fat cell looks extremely intimidating.

    The nice thing for skinny guys like me is that we are not intimidated by fat cells. We laugh at inability to increase our body weight!

  2. Sodium is also having huge impact on public health.

  3. I mistakenly read it as “Crabs” and not “Carbs”. My naughty mind plays tricks on me sometimes. 🙁

  4. Interesting infographic! But we can’t set aside the fact that our body needs carbs we only need to be responsible and maintain proper amount of intake to avoid health risks. Balance diet and regular exercise are great practice to maintain healthy body.

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