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The days of bulky credit card sliders that stamped inky copies of transactions are long gone. If you’re a business owner, you don’t need to use archaic equipment to swipe debit or credit cards. We’ve moved forward, even past the big, stationary credit card readers that are chained to business countertops.

If you are a business owner looking to not have to invest in expensive countertop credit card readers, what offers just might be for you. Want a quick, nimble way to transact debit and credit cards? You’ll want to take a look at credit card readers and apps that plug directly into “smart” devices and tablets.

I don't ever want to use this again.

I don’t ever want to use this again.

With the era dawning of light-weight, easy-to-access credit card readers, new companies are popping up that offer hardware and software making processing customer cards much easier. Today, we want to take a look specifically at what delivers to business owners.

Here’s the “Short” Credit Card Reader and App Review

What’s the upside of PayAnywhere credit card readers?

  • The first piece of hardware and app are free
  • Each “swipe” transaction costs 2.69%
  • No need for installation of hardwired credit card reader “box”
  • Learning curve for beginners and experts
  • User friendly
  • 24/7 Support
  • The reader can take Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
  • The reader fits into the headphone jack and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, most Android smartphones or tablets, and BlackBerry smartphones

What’s the downside of PayAnywhere credit card readers?

You don’t have to pay a start-up or application fee to use or acquire your first reader. That first piece of hardware and unlimited app downloads are free. This does assume you have a smart phone, iPod Touch, or a tablet to plug the hardware into and use the application on.

If you are going to personally be processing these payments, then it is simple to do this on your own device. If you are going to have employees processing these payments, it’s likely you’ll need to fork out the cash for a device rather than being liable for your employees’ personal device.

Here’s The “Extended” Credit Card Reader Review

Does compare to the market it’s competing against?


Below is a pricing synopsis I pulled from PayAnywhere’s website. They don’t list who they are comparing their pricing against, but I found it to be Square which is a leader in mobile credit card reader market share. PayAnywhere’s fee per swipe isn’t much lower (2.69% vs. 2.75%) than Square’s, but they beat Square greatly when it comes to their competitor’s significantly higher entrance fees. Square charges to get the initial hardware compared to PayAnywhere’s free headphone slot plug-in.

PayAnywhere Pricing Table

PayAnywhere charges 3.49% + plus 19 cents for keyed-in / typed transactions, by-the-way.


No monthly fees, no minimums. Funds are transferred within 2 business days of processing.


It’s a piece of cake to locate their Support phone number and live chat. doesn’t bury their Support number under layers and layers of knowledge base articles. The number is right there on top of their website. Whereas with other company’s customer service departments, you might have to dig around to find a number or enter a trouble ticket first before you can connect with someone knowledgeable.

The App

Viewing transaction details is easy. You can quickly view the sale amount, tax, discount, and even tip if applicable. You can see graphs of your top sales days, produce a variety of custom reports, and set it up to send reports to you via email automatically.

Should you try the reader and app?

Do you own a business or are planning to start one? Then get this. It’s not cost to you, and can save you some of your initial capital investment. Not only that, but it’s a quality reader and app.

We can’t complain about free when it’s useful and high quality. And you might find yourself saving a lot of money while making transactions for you and your customers much more convenient.

If you change your mind, there’s no cancellation fee.

To jump in, simply apply at and they’ll mail you the reader for free with no obligation.

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  1. A good alternative to the payanywhere is flint available from It doesn’t use any additional hardware other than the phone or tablet. It uses the camera to scan the numbers on the card, but doesn’t actually take a photo nor store the info on the device. Less chance of a breach of security by not transmitting data thru a cable into the phone’s audio jack.

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