Building Your Social Circle Using These Two Simple Steps

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As a man, you know that your friends can play a huge part of how great your life is, or is not. That is why it’s critical that you understand and practice the skill of making friends, and building your social circle.

In this article, I want to share with you my 2-Step Formula for building your social circle. If you use it, you’ll start to have more and more great friends in your life, without having to “work” at it. We all know how our lifestyles depend on what kind of friends we have.

If you don’t have enough friends, or think you deserve better ones, and you are ready to get a social life that is filled with opportunities for mutual help and fun experiences, then I think you’ll enjoy using this formula…

Step #1 – Meet New Friends

Here is the deal, no matter how many friends you have right now, you’ll have less friends in the future. This is the case because many people just move away; get into new interests, into new relationships, change jobs, and then fade away from your daily life.

Without knowing it, you get to have less and less friends as time goes by. This is why you need the habit of making more and more friends, and constantly.

The best way to do this is to subscribe to a club, or community, with people who share one of your interests or hobbies. They have to have cool people in there, and they have to be meeting regularly. You can find them in websites like,, or topic-based online forums.

What you do is go to every event they organize, and meet people on the basis that you already have something in common with them. If you want to speed this up, try and take a role in the organizing team. This will make people see you as one of the guys in charge of the whole thing, and make it very easy for you to get to know everyone.

Step #2 – Introduce Them to Other Friends, or to Each Other

Most people don’t realize how important it is to introduce your friends to each other. Once you start to deliberately connect the people you know, you’ll see how easier it gets to keep your social life going.

Once a week, as you plan what social activities you’re going to do, deliberately include some new people, you haven’t gone out with before. Because you’re going to “plug them” with the other people you have in your life, they have a much bigger chance of sticking around.

As a bonus, you won’t be the only one arranging all the plans, and making all the calls. The friends in your group will do it as well. But, if you only focus on individual friends, you’ll be the one doing all the work.

People love to hang out with more than one person at a time, especially for the weekend. This is why it’s so much easier to add friends in your life, if you’re going to introduce them to others at the same time.

More Tips And Techniques…

I would love to share with you more techniques for overcoming hesitation and meeting new people through my Free Social Skills Newsletter.

In it, I will show you the best techniques and strategies for meeting and making friends. I’ll also share with you new tips for having amazing conversations, that instantly make people want to get to know you.

Good luck,
– Paul Sanders

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Paul Sanders teaches you how to: Overcome Shyness & Loneliness; Master Conversation & Social Skills; Make Friends & Build a Social Circle. Start here Free Social Skills Newsletter

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  1. That’s a good point that we need to keep making new friends because we are constantly losing old friends. I’ve found that the Toastmaster club that I belong to is one good way to establish a continuous flow of new friends.

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