Biggest Fails at the Grocery Store

Going out to the grocery store can be a pain as it is, but with a little strategy, there could be less of a headache, not to mention having a little more money left in the wallet.  Next time you are ready to head out grocery shopping, try and avoid some of the most common fails that are committed at the grocery store.

Shopping on the Weekend

Not only will you have to fight the heavy crowds to get a parking spot, work your way down the aisles, and wait in long checkout lines, you also are not saving any money by shopping on the weekend.  Why would grocers have big sales if the customers are already guaranteed to come in?  Try shopping mid-week, after work, where you can be in and out, saving with sale items, “10 for “10”, or “Buy 5 Items and Save”.

Heading Out Without a List

If you go out with a list in mind of only needing bread, milk, or eggs, and think you are coming back with just that, you will be in for a surprise.  Going shopping without a plan leaves extra room to explore and go up and down every aisle, filling up your card with plenty of unneeded items.  Before you hit the store, make a list of exactly what is needed, so that way you when you go to the store you can keep your head down, stick to your list, and get out.

Filling Up the Cart on an Empty Stomach

Much like going out to each on a completely empty stomach, being more inclined to order appetizers, salads, or desserts in addition to a main course, same goes with going grocery shopping.  When you are hungry, everything sounds good, and especially at a place like Costco where there are plenty of free samples, you may find yourself loading up on those items because they taste good, but are usually unnecessary purchases.  Before you head out to the store, make sure you get a meal down you.

Not Using Coupons/Rewards Card

We get plenty of “junk mail” just about every day, not to mention the load of ads that come with the Sunday paper that it can be overwhelming, but if you take a look and clip out the items you already purchase, every little bit of savings at the register helps.  With a store rewards card, items are on sale within the store just buy using your card, so if there is a toss-up between brands, buy what is on sale.

Impulse Buys

It is hard enough to stick to a list when you go to the grocery store, that if you can get through the aisles without adding extras, you are in good shape, but with the featured items at the end of the aisles jump out at you, it makes it even more difficult.  While you wait at the register, there are plenty of candy, gum, drinks to tempt you while you read up on the latest gossip.

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