The Best April Fools Pranks and How To Do Them for Cheap

best cheap april fools pranksIt’s April 1st and it’s likely that someone is plotting to fool you. Don’t get caught with your pants down, get a head start on your pals and show them who’s boss. Here’s the best last minute April Fools pranks-and how to pull them off for cheap.

Post A Craigslist Ad Under Your Friend’s Name…that they’re giving away their pet monkey

The best joke that’s ever been pulled on me—which wasn’t even an April Fools prank but a birthday one—was so far out of the ordinary I couldn’t have conceived it myself.

One morning my cell phone is blowing up with tons of calls from people wanting to adopt my pet monkey. I’m extremely confused by the voicemails and as I’m listening to them I’m getting more and more calls. An incomprehensible person wants to adopt my pet monkey. I tell them they have the wrong number. I turn away numerous people.

Until one hillbilly calls and is giving me his spiel about how he would be the best monkey master there is. I tell him I’ve gotten multiple calls that day about me giving away a monkey and I can’t get people to leave me alone. He bursts out laughing and explains to me I MUST have been pranked. He gives me the name of the newspaper he saw the ad in and I call them.

Sure enough, a good friend of mine PAID for an ad to be ran in a local paper with my cell phone in it. It was quite the convincing plea for someone to take care of my animal.

Today you don’t have to spend money on this. You can pull off one of the best April Fools pranks for cheap (free actually) by just going on Craigslist and making an ad just like this.

BEWARE: There are some freaky people on Craigslist, so be careful what info you give away!

Mess with the bottom of things

Whether it’s tearing off the bottom of cereal boxes, or poking little holes in water bottles, you can pull this April Fools prank for cheaper than cheap.

With the water bottles, as soon as you prick a few holes on a little bit of water will leak out. But once the person lifts their bottle or unscrews the lid more water will cascade.

Shoe Thief

Simply waltz into someone’s closet and take one shoe of each pair and hide it in their trunk or somewhere else. They will certainly panic trying to find a matching pair. There’s no easier April Fools prank that you could pull.

Faxes from the Futurebest cheap april fools pranks

If a co-worker has personal stationary, take some and write notes to them, from themselves, from the future. Fax it to their workplace.

I pillaged this from The Office. This site has an incredible list of episode by episode pranks pulled by Jim on Dwight: Best Pranks on Dwight.

The Best $5 April Fools Pranks On Fiverr

Check out for the best April Fools Pranks for cheap, with a quick turnaround. Try searching for these:

  • “Lady will make a video rant of how they birthed your recipient’s kid.”
  • “Secret admirer they wish they never had.”
  • “I’ll be your girlfriend for 2 weeks.” (You could add her on your friend’s Facebook, or convince the world that you yourself are that awesome).
best cheap april fool's pranks

He’s watching you.

best cheap april fools pranks

I’m not joking. Your friend could wake up thinking he’s somehow dating this goddess.

Share Your Best, Cheap, April Fools Pranks

The best April Fools Pranks take some time and planning. But the above can be done immediately with little effort and cost. If you’ve got any great ideas for today, please share with everyone below!

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  1. We put an April Fools up on our site today =) Couldn’t resist!

    • Hahahah I just checked it out! I often forget whenever it’s April Fools, so I probably would have totally bought into it! It’s subtle enough to be sneaky. Well done.

  2. There are indeed some crazies on Craigslist. Great list of pranks.

    • Thanks Marvin! Yeah I wish I had posted it last week so it’d be a little more useful to people! But I suppose April Fools pranks are a little more “believable” when they aren’t done on April 1st anyhow!

  3. Those are some pretty darn awesome ideas – especially the monkey thing. That’s freaking golden!

  4. Oh, I am going to have to check out that Office site! They have had some awesome pranks on the show, and I loved the faxes from the future one! One of my best ones was switching the mouse and keyboard plugs on a friends computer at work a few years ago, it took tech support several hours to figure out why the computer would not respond using either. I admit, it might’ve been a bit on the cruel side but it was priceless. 🙂

    • I know that there’s a lot of pranks on the Office, but it turns out to be one nearly ever one or two episodes!!

      Oh man, hardware pranks are the worst–someone did something similar to me and I was infuriated!

  5. Michelle says
  6. Haha, great idea about messing with the bottoms of containers. Happy April Fools!

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