Being a Man means Obeying these 5 Man Laws

As a man, there are certain laws (mostly unwritten) that you need to follow in order to get and keep the respect of other men. We’re not kidding, and this blog isn’t a joke. While some people may find them macho or misogynistic, real men forsake the following man laws at the risk of being spurned by other men, or treated as an outcast.


Law #1: Pay back that money. If you borrow money from a friend, or they pick up the tab at a bar or restaurant because you were short on cash, you should pay them back as soon as you possibly can. In no instance should they ever have to come and find you to get their money, or ask you more than once to pay them back.


Law #2: Never put your single friend in a bad light in front of available women. When you’re out with the guys, or just and your best friend, and women show interest in your friend but not you, there is no excuse for doing or saying anything that puts him in anything but the best light. No embarrassing stories, nothing about ex-girlfriends and most definitely nothing about any type of sexual inadequacies he might have. (Unless, of course, you want your friends to do that to you too.) (Trust us, you don’t).


Law #3: You must help your best friends move. Unless you’re on the other side of the planet, if your best buddy is moving and asks for help, you have to say yes. Let’s face it, there will come a day when the shoe was on the other foot and, if you haven’t been helping, nobody’s going to be there to help you. By the way, if you own any kind of truck, this law immediately doubles down.


Law #4: Always have your friend’s back. Unless it’s something illegal, if your best friend is in a bad situation and needs help, you must be there to back him up. Whether it’s a fight, listening to him sob about the girl that just broke his heart or making sure he gets home in one piece after one too many drinks, having your friend’s back is a definite man law necessity. Trust us, on the day you need it, you’ll be glad she’s there to back you up too.


Law #5: If he gets fired or dumped, you buy the beers. Last but not least, if your best bud just got canned, whether by his boss or his girlfriend, you need to pick up the tab for the beers that night (or whatever else he might want to drink). Someday, if it happens to you, you can be sure he’ll do the same.


  1. I really like this list.

    Another one I’d add Is:

    that if he needs to talk / is having a tough time – just give him your whole attention and listen. If he needs advice he will ask for it. Give him the space to vent/talk through/clear his mind and come to his own realisation.

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