The Basics Of The Dapper Lifestyle

Staying trendy is never an accident. You don’t get ahead of the fashion curve by simply throwing on clothes that happen to coordinate. Daring to be different gets you noticed. And, of course, as more people start paying attention to you, you’re treated like a celebrity.

When you’re partying in the hottest, most exclusive nightclubs or enjoying an expensive vacation, you know how important it is to dress like the legend you are. So you might wear a Hex Tie with your bespoke blazer, and you might wear dress shoes that cost more than other people’s entire wardrobe.

Sometimes you don’t even have to say or do anything to build your brand – just show up, just be at the right place at the right time.

Dressing in a sharp, sophisticated way and attracting attention to your exquisite sense of taste is almost an art form. With that in mind, here are three tips to reflect a dapper lifestyle:

1. Classic grooming tips

Start grooming right by getting an impeccable shave. While there are many high-priced electric razors and new fangled razor blades, you might be surprised by the flawlessly clean shave you get with Japanese straight razors. Disposable kamasori razors are light and made of a single straight piece that doesn’t flex. They will give you the perfect shave. However, be warned, they are really, really sharp–so pay careful attention to every swipe you make, otherwise, you’ll get some nicks.

Next, you want to smell good, and for that you need some classic brands like Pinaud Clubman products. These are about as classic as you can get because the brand has been around for 207 years. For a hair tonic, use their Eau de Quinine Hair tonic and for that subtle, manly scent, try the Lime Sec Eau de Cologne.

Another classic product line to try is Tabac, a German brand that dates back to 1959. They have a sterling reputation for their superb colognes, aftershaves, and deodorants. After you use their thick, rich shave soap, apply their Tabac Aftershave balm to soothe and moisturize your skin.

Both these brands give you an old-world sophistication. You’ll smell as if you had stepped out of a barbershop a century or two back. In those days, men’s colognes had a rich scent and remain far superior to today’s fragrances.

As for your dapper haircut, here’s some advice from haircut inspiration:

“The high-class Ivy League haircut is a stylish variation of the classic crew cut. Also known as a Harvard clip or Princeton, the cut balances the smartness of a crew cut with the slickness of a side part. It’s an ideal for style for men aiming for a classy, sophisticated appearance.”

2. Know the dress code

While a lot can be said about clothing brands, textures, styles, and colors, none of it really matters if you don’t get the basics down first. There’s absolutely no point in carefully selecting name brands, but missing out on the essential details of how to throw an outfit together.

Here are 3three ideas to keep in mind when dressing for a formal occasion:

·  When choosing suits, prefer mid-gray to dark, then wear a dress shirt in a white or muted color.

·  The color of your tie should complement the color scheme of your shirt and suit in some way.

·  Socks should either be long socks or over the calf and they should match with your trousers.

3. Learn to look good in casual settings

While you may know how to dress up, do you know how to go casual? Here are some tips to look elegant, even when you’re on a casual date or fun, outdoorsy event with friends:

·  Natural fibers create the image of a carefree demeanor.

·  Prefer simple colors—white, black, grey, blue, and brown. (Remember, less is more!)

·  Try out a V-neck sweater, and if you want a sharper silhouette, try a sweater vest.

As an entrepreneur, you understand why it pays in spades to be trendy. Since you’re successful and travel quite often, what you wear makes a statement, from your sunglasses to your shoes. By telling others about your success, not by what you say, but by your dapper clothes and obvious self-confidence, you attract even more business opportunities.

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