Balancing Your Sports Obsession And Life

There is nothing wrong with being passionate about sports. It’s a guy thing (and sometimes a woman thing too), and there’s something to be said about having that kind of dedication to something you simply watch on TV (or maybe see a live game every once in a while).

It makes sense that someone that follows a certain sport will not want to miss a game, but sometimes life can get in the way and you want to make sure that you have your priorities straight. You can love your team and your family, and make them work well with each other.

Nurturing Your Family While Loving Sports

If your girlfriend or wife isn’t as into sports as you are, you may run into conflict every once in a while. Surveys show that sports lovers dating non-sports lovers may find their relationship negatively affected by sports. You don’t have to let your love of the game ruin a good relationship though.

Schedule sports time and schedule family time so that the two can thrive in the same environment. Have a specific day that is your day where you can hide out in your man cave with the big screen TV, and your wife or girlfriend can do some things she enjoys doing that you might not be such a fan of.

If you have children, whether they are boys or girls, let them spend time with you and teach them about your favorite games and teams, and you may find you at least have one person in the family that enjoys sports with you, but don’t force it.

Finding A Way To Get Everyone Involved

You may find ways to get your wife or girlfriend involved in sports. If she loves to cook and loves having company, you may want to schedule a game day party where your friends and their significant others come over to enjoy the game and just some general fun company.

Your wife might enjoy planning the tailgate menu and cooking up the food. Having other women over, whether they like sports or not, can make her feel more comfortable and not like she’s stuck with a house full of guys.

Letting Your Colors Bleed Bright, On The Inside

You may have a family now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still bleed your team colors. You just have to keep that blood on the inside. The times of face paint and screaming, and long nights at the bar are over.

To enjoy sports to the full extent from home, look into a great sports package, like those found at DIRECTV. You’ll be able to watch games from home, or on any of your personal devices. That means you don’t even have to cancel the family vacation because of a big game, you can just watch it on your tablet or phone.

A guy shouldn’t have to give up his love of the game just because it’s time to grow up and take responsibility. With any luck, even if you have a family that doesn’t love sports like you do, you’ll still get to have your fun time watching while they enjoy the things that they love. Then you can have family time after the final score is announced.

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