Menswear Tips for Looking Great at Work

Do you look good, feel confident, and feel ready for the day in the clothes you put on in the morning? Take a look in the mirror–do you like what you see? This small act of dressing every morning is essential to a more positive, less stressful busy day. Take pride in what you’re wearing […]

How to Be a Better Man

There are, no doubt, a lot of different things a man can do to better himself. Even men who are already “good”, and lead their lives both in an ethical and moral way, can always improve themselves. Today’s blog will take a look at some of the myriad ways a man can improve himself and […]

Guys and their Perspective on Dating

When it comes to the perspective that guys have on dating, the fact is that it changes depending on their age and life experience. For example, if you were to ask a 25-year-old guy about dating, and a 55-year-old guy, you would most likely get extremely different feedback and opinions. One perspective that, generally speaking, […]

Putting the MAN in MANagement: Top Promotion Tips

We’ve all dreamt of moving from floppy haired, unemployable peons to managerial man-gods. We want to be the type of person that women love and men want to be. Chiselled jawlines, a five o’ clock shadow that doesn’t make us look like a tramp, and the kind of threads that would make Don Draper green […]

Qualities Every Leader Should Possess

You may be inspired to follow your own dreams and make the world a better place. In order to do that, you’ll need excellent leadership skills. Here are some of the qualities you need in order to be a great leader. Communication Quality leaders keep their employees in the loop. They’re willing to talk about […]

How to Get Fit for Less

It’s a problem that a lot of men face today, thanks to the economy. It’s either men don’t have the money to hit the gym or those who are lucky enough to have jobs have schedules that are inflexible. Whatever your dilemma is, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on becoming fit — […]