Why Final Expense Insurance is a Must for Senior Men

As a senior, you are concerned with leaving a burden for your loved ones. If you currently do not have life insurance, it may seem impossible to get the burial coverage you need. However, final expense insurance is an option you must look into for the below four reasons. Don’t Leave Your Family Members Unprotected […]

The 3 Main Man’s Den Problems… And How to Fix Them

It’s the most treasured room in the house (at least for one member of the family), yet it’s also a room which can be blighted with problems. The man’s den, or the games room to some of us, is the great getaway for a lot of people but in amongst the gadgets and games are […]

Competencies That a Global Business Leader Must Have

When you are a global leader, there are certain behaviors and skills that will place you above other senior executives. In the world economy that is highly dynamic and vibrant, having these skills, as Bob Bratt’s blog could advise, will help business leaders steer their business to success and profitability. Ability to Visualize Trends and What Impact […]

Feeding your Family For Less

Of all of your monthly expenses, your food bill is the easiest to save money on. It may take a little extra effort on your part, but you can slash your food bill in half and still get nearly as much food as you have been. Getting your groceries for cheap, doesn’t mean you have […]

Depression and Addiction: Know the Signs

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, people in their late teens and early 20’s use more drugs than any other demographic. Even more surprising is the fact that drug use is increasing among those 50 and older. In 2012, a little over 23 million people needed to be treated for an addiction to […]

Caution While Investing in Commercial Property

Investing in property is an excellent way to save for the future and diversify a financial portfolio. However, like any financial decision, investing in commercial property should be taken extremely seriously. The potential for significant financial gain can draw many people into jumping on commercial property investments head first. Unfortunately, some of those people don’t […]

What to Do With Dull Tools

Dull tools don’t cut it — literally. When the success of your business rests on the sharpness of your tools, you need to be sure your workers have the best blades possible. Still, amidst the chaos of the universe, dullness is an inevitability for even the best tools. If your cutting tools are rapidly becoming […]

7 Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs

Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Have you ever wondered what skills are required for being a good leader? Every entrepreneur has unique abilities that set him apart. Some have developed their skills over time. Others require less training because they’re full of natural talent. While there is no recipe […]

Top Web Conferencing Tool for Enterprises

The video conferencing software design inspired and implemented by Blue Jeans has become one of the première video conferencing suites available today. Blue Jeans has pioneered the growth of the industry of interconnectedness that is video conferencing. There are many things that could inspire a company to become the top web conferencing tool for enterprises. […]

Simplify Your Business Approach

Keep it simple. It’s a familiar refrain, echoed from grade school to the highest levels of academia, where Ockham’s Razor provides a constant reminder of the all-too-human tendency to overcomplicate simple tasks. And in the real world, the problems of highly complex systems often tend towards confusion, even though they may promise to provide a […]