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Do Energy Drinks Really Work?

With the number of energy drinks available, you would think there’s no doubt that they actually work. Before you consume another energy drink, be sure you have all of the facts about what you’re drinking and that you read every ingredient contained in the beverage so that you know for a fact what you’re putting […]

Mantelligence App Launch! Sign up to win an Xbox One!

It’s finally here! Kyle has been working on this app for years and now he’s brought manly knowledge to our fingertips. I was one of the lucky few that got to beta test it the past month. As I started passing levels I thought to myself, “I know more manly stuff then I thought I […]

DIY Lip Balm

Chapped lips really get on my nerve!  It seems every time I wake up my lips are nasty or cracked.  It is miserable!  But it doesn’t have to be.  This DIY lip balm is a miracle and it is not only a great remedy for your lips, but also a frugal and thoughtful gift idea for […]

Never Give Up – A Man’s Guide to Getting Back Up

Take a moment and think back to some of your biggest failures. How did you feel? What did you do? Where did you go from there? Did you have a “Never Give Up!” mind set? I think for most of us the initial feeling is absolute despair. You put all your effort behind it only […]

How to Hide Your Guns the DIY Style

Are you a firearm owner? Perhaps you have little children? Or perhaps you just want a convenient place to store your gun that’s out of the way and more convenient. Well, don’t bother wasting your hard earned money on a gun cabinet! Why not hide your guns within a picture frame? Are you eager to […]

DIY: Installing a Garage Door is as Easy as 1-2-3

Have you ever thought about installing a garage door yourself without having to pay someone to do it?  Well, now is your chance!  Here’s a detailed DIY guide to do just that!  With only six steps involved who needs to hire a guy to do it when you can do it for free?   Remove that […]

Men and their Motorcycles: What You Need to Know

Last year I purchased a Yamaha R6 for recreational riding. If you’ve never ridden you’re missing out. The wind blowing by you as you cut through the air. There is something about motorcycles that draws in a certain type of people. We’re not defined by stereotypes, and we come in all ages, sizes, professions, and beliefs. […]

Smash Fear, Learn Anything – with Tim Ferris

Think of something you’re afraid of. Swimming, approaching a girl, dancing, cooking, interviews or whatever it may be. Now ask yourself this, “What’s the worst that could happen?” – This is all you need to do to face that fear and learn to do anything. “It’s often times what you do, not how you do […]

5 Anger Management Strategies

There’s a lot in this world that can stir up ones emotions, and anger is one of those emotions that surfaces quite frequently. And it’s normally not one we’re proud of. I used to get all riled up by traffic. The stupidest thing would set me off in a mindless rage – all done within […]

What Exactly is Money and Why Do We Value It?

The paper our money is printed on is not even worth the ink used to print it. Recycle the coins and you wouldn’t even get the value placed on it. Why do we value them? We used to barter, and then we used gold. We then exchanged gold for paper money and coins. Here’s an […]