12 Tips for Making Yourself Smarter

It’s a common misconception that geniuses are born, not created. You just need the right techniques to start unlocking your mind and realizing your true potential. Here are 12 ways to beef up your brain! 1. Shake Things Up Doing the same things over and over will create neural “shortcuts” in your brain that automate […]

25 Things the MYST Game Taught Us About Real Life

It is hard to think we might possibly learn something from a game, even one of the top 10 board games, but some hold interesting life lessons. We just have to know how to evaluate and relate life, to a computer filled with graphical entertainment, puzzles and life determining decisions. We’d like to share 25 […]

James Bond writer collaborating with Land Rover in “The Vanishing Game”

Land Rover and writer William Boyd are two separate institutions, both known for their appeals to adventure and individualism. Now, the novelist and James Bond writer, Boyd, is having his next work brought about by Land Rover. Watch the trailer for Boyd’s new work, featuring a classic Rover, in all its trailblazing, indestructible glory.  Born […]

12 Pitfalls You Must Avoid When Buying Your First Home [Infographic]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Don’t miss out on the rest of Fearless Men’s Personal Finance Insight at our NEW Site FearlessDollar.com. Have you heard recently in the media how the percent of first time homebuyers is at an all-time low, and more young adults are moving back in with their parents?  There are a few things going on here, […]

Five Tips for Obtaining Car Financing With Bad Credit

This is a guest post. If interested in submitting a guest post please read our guest posting policy then contact us. While having less-than-perfect credit may prevent you from getting the best loan terms available, it certainly does not have to prevent you from getting an auto loan altogether. Getting a fair auto loan is still very […]

DIY Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer

Do you carry a hand sanitizer with you either in your pocket or in the glove box in your car?  We all do!  Who wants those nasty germs from the gym or even from shaking someone’s hand?  However, the popular brands of hand sanitizer are laden with chemicals that are nastier than the common cold. […]

How to Brew Your Own Beer – DIY

Do you love beer? Are you the type of dude that spends his Friday nights out with the guys trying to locate the best most hoppin’ (no pun intended) brewery around? Well, then this DIY brew your own beer is tailor-made for you! In 10 easy steps you can be the most envied man around […]

Do It Yourself Non Toxic Hair Wax

Are you sick of paying an exorbitant amount for a hair product when you only get a tiny amount?  I know that American Crew can run you at least $15-16 a jar and it only lasts a few months!  Let’s not even mention the toxic ingredients that they put in these pricey waxes.  So, if […]

Overseas and Academic — Universities of the UAE

The college years are often described as the most memorable, most enjoyable of many people’s lives. It’s just not about the memories, though, no. College can provide you with experiences that aid in growth, development and future success. With an increasingly competitive workforce and interdependent global economy, gaining international experiences during college is more important […]

Home or Away? — The Benefits of Working in Dubai

Dubai is exploding with opportunity. Many in different industries have heard that phrase, but there’s very little detail available on what’s actually involved. And those who have actually worked in the Middle Eastern country are still few and far between in many industries. That said, the opportunity is real, and for those who are enterprising, […]