10 Amazing and Unheard of Uses for WD-40

Uses for WD-40Hey MacGyvers, if you want to survive the most insane of situations, you really only need two things to make it: duct tape and WD-40. Want to fix anything and everything? You really only need two things: duct tape and WD-40. Want to perform surgery? You also only need these two things. There really are endless uses for WD-40.

Here’s a list of uses for WD-40 that I’ve compiled that you’ve probably never heard of:

Get your toddler unstuck

Toddler stuff their hand in the cookie jar and can’t get it out? Just splash some of that WD-40 on it and you’ll pop that baby right out of their despair.

Loosen your hand from what you just superglued it to

Have you gotten your fingers eternally stuff together? Spray some WD-40 thoroughly on those puppies and they’ll come right apart.

Allude an NFL tackle

Don’t want to get sacked during your next full-contact football game? Dowse yourself in WD-40. You’ll allude even the most astute tackler.


Knuckles dry? Elbows ashy? WD-40 will moisten you right up.

Here’s some real uses for WD-40:

The list I compiled I above was not approved by a physician or a scientist. The list below may have more plausibility to it in case you don’t want to spray WD-40 on your kid.

Get A Stuck Ring Unstuck

Is your valued piece of jewelry stuck on a finger? WD-40 will get it right off.

Clear off bugs baked onto your car’s bumper

There’s tons of products out there that try to mimic the uses of WD-40. But buying an extra bug degunker is not necessary when you have WD-40 in hand.

Unstick Gum

A squirt will help get gum even out of carpet or work it out of hair.

Lube a shovel

Spray WD-40 on a shovel, spade, or hoe. The soil glides right off—especially useful when digging in clay.

Loosen Stubborn Zippers

Having a hard time unzipping that hoodie? Use a squirt of WD-40.

Free stuck LEGOS

Your children will thank you.


  1. Great list Todd! Now I just need to go find our legos to make our kids happy 🙂

  2. Nice! Here’s another…lubricating parts to brass instruments!! Thanks for the post.

  3. Don’t forget drying out electrical connectors, which is actually the usage it was designed for. Apparently, WD stands for “water displacement”

  4. Here’s another one that a friend swears to: a squirt on a fishing lure will bring the big lunkers in. On second thought, there’s something fishy about this…

  5. Works great on squeaky haudraulics on an optomerty exam chair as well.

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