7 Tips for Making Money from Your Art

image001If you are an artist, you have probably heard from other people that you can’t make a living with this profession. They have told you that it’s just a hobby and that you will starve if you try to do it full-time. Although making money as an artist might not be easy at first, it can be done. If you work hard and do not give up, you can make a name for yourself. Here are seven great tips for making money from your art.

Go to Commercial Galleries

One of the first things you should do with your artwork is sell it at commercial galleries. The owners know how to market their galleries to the public and can really help others see your artwork. However, know that most gallery owners will take a commission of 40 to 50 percent of the artwork they sell. Make sure that you read the contract beforehand and agree with everything that’s in it.

Take Advantage of the Internet

The Internet is huge these days, so many artists are starting to sell their artwork online. You can sign up for several art websites for free and start selling your art. Some great websites to get started on include Artbreak, DeviantART and Big Cartel. Loading up your artwork on these websites is quick and easy. These sites will also take a commission from your sales, but it will not be as high as gallery owners. They likely won’t take more than 5 percent commission of your earnings. eBay is another great site you can auction off your artwork. Just make sure that the photos you take of your artwork are as clear and high-quality as possible. If they are really grainy, people will not be enticed to buy them.

Get Advice from Successful Artists

There are many successful artists out there, so it makes sense to ask them for advice. Most artists who are financially successful will be more than happy to share their secrets with you—you just have to ask. Make an effort to join art associations in your area and even browse art forums online. There will be tons of artists willing to give you advice on how to make money from your art.

Got to Nonprofit Galleries

Nonprofit galleries are another way to go. These galleries usually show off artwork that is younger and more cutting edge. The owner of the nonprofit gallery will take a commission from your sales, but it usually will not be more than 30 percent. Unlike commercial galleries, nonprofit galleries do not normally represent artists or require any contracts to be signed.

Put Your Art in Museums

Another thing you can do is put your artwork in museums. Sometimes you will make money from setting up an exhibit and sometimes you will not make a coin. If you do not make anything from your artwork in a museum, you will at least get a lot of exposure. People will see your artwork and might even ask you to put your art in their galleries.

Open up Your Own Studio

A lot of artists sell their artwork out of their own studios. If you do not have enough money to open up a studio on your own, consider setting one up with a few other artists. You can share the costs of renting the studio, which will make things a lot more affordable. To entice people to come into your studio, decorate the outside of the building. For instance, you can put a lot of colorful balloons on each side of the entrance. The bright colors will put people in good moods and encourage them to come inside your studio. Another thing you can do is set up demonstrations at least once a week. This way, visitors can meet you and talk about your artwork. They can ask you questions about your technique and learn more about your background as an artist.

Consider Co-Op Galleries

Another thing you can do to make money from your artwork is form a co-op gallery. This type of gallery involves several artists who work together to promote their artwork. It also is not a bad idea to offer classes or workshops at a co-op gallery, since doing this will entice others to come into the gallery and possibly purchase some of your artwork.

As you can see, it is very possible to make money from your artwork. It probably will not be easy at first, but you can see profit from your art soon enough. If you follow these very helpful tips, you should be able to sell your artwork and become very successful.

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