6 Hair Grooming Tips for Men who Care about How They Look

The average guy, if left on his own, would give up caring about grooming in a heartbeat. Of course we live in a civilized world and, unless you’re stuck on a deserted island or live in Siberia, keeping all of the hair on your body neat and trim is a definite must if you’re a guy.

With that in mind, here are 6 hair grooming tips for men who care about how they look (or at least care about what other people think).

Tip 1) Make sure you trim your eyebrows.

Sounds kind of silly when you think about it but, seeing as they sit right in the middle of your face and right above your eyes (where most people will be looking when they look at you) keeping your eyebrows neatly trimmed is a definite must. If you have an electric razor and a plastic comb, it’s actually quite easy.

Tip 2) If you sport stubble, keep it groomed.

Stubble is definitely a “look” these days, funny as it may seem. But, letting your stubble go un-groomed is not. In fact, a couple of studies done in the last few years have shown that women are more attracted to men with stubble on their faces, but only if it’s maintained correctly and doesn’t look sloppy.

Tip 3) Make sure the hair on the back of your neck is trimmed. The nape of your neck, basically the line where your haircut ends, is important to keep neat and trim. If you have a very hairy back you want to also make sure that the hair on your back and the hair on the nape of your neck aren’t too close together.

Tip 4) If you have a beard and/or mustache, make sure you keep it nicely trimmed.

These days, especially with shows like Duck Dynasty so popular, beards and mustaches are definitely en vogue. Messy or unkempt beards and mustaches however are definitely not, so make sure you trim the edges of your beard and/or mustache on a daily basis so that you don’t look scraggly or scruffy. Remember, there’s a fine line between “sexy lumberjack” and “gross hobo”.

Tip 5) Nose hair is never okay.

Keeping the hair in your nose trimmed back so that it’s completely unseen should go without saying. There’s literally nothing that’s a bigger turnoff to most women then having nose hairs sticking out of your schnoz, so make sure to trim them on a regular basis.

Tip 6) Keep the hair over the top of your ears trimmed.

If you keep your hair short, making sure that it’s trimmed over your ears is a must as well. It shouldn’t be curling around your ears or hanging over them, (unless you have a extremely long hair, which is another story).

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