6 Essential Items for Building the Perfect Man Cave

Whether you are a bachelor or a married man, every guy needs a man cave of his own where he can be himself and bring the guys in every now and then to watch a game together or shoot some pool. However, designing one can be quite confusing if you don’t have a plan. To help you develop that plan of action, here are six essentials that every man should design their man caves around.

The Perfect Apartment

The most important item on this list is, of course, the apartment itself. You cannot expect to have a real man cave unless the real estate is suited for it. If you are looking for apartments in Union NJ, do check out Summit Court Union, as they have multiple apartments listed in the area that qualify as perfect candidates for a man cave. In general, you should look for a place with a big living room and high ceilings, but the final decision will depend on your budget and other factors as well.

The Big TV

You can’t have a man cave without a big screen TV to watch sports with the guys at home, so get something at least in the 65-inch range, if not even bigger. Before you buy a giant TV though, here are a few points to take note of:

  • In spite of what you may read sometimes, nothing looks better than an OLED panel
  • Going with less popular brands like TCL or Vizio will give you a lot better value for money
  • You can make any TV smart these days with a Chromecast/Fire Stick
  • 4K or UHD is a must for big screen TV sets; it’s not just a gimmick

The Big Speakers

Just like a man cave cannot be complete without a big TV, it would still be quite incomplete without a sound system to match that big picture. Go with a 5.1 or even 7.1 surround sound system for the best effect, but if the room isn’t particularly big, two powerful tower speakers will also do just fine. Just make sure you also put in some sound proofing in the apartment to avoid noise complaints!

The Games

Put in a PlayStation/Xbox and get a good collection of offline multiplayer games to enjoy on that big TV and awesome sound system, but that cannot be all. A pool table and a dart board are pretty much two essential items in any man cave, irrespective of the video gaming options, because it’s a “man cave” after all!

The Bar

Whether you swear by beer or touch nothing except single malt, you need to have a bar counter at the place, properly augmented by a fridge to keep those six-packs chilling.

The Furniture

Finally, we have the furniture and admittedly, it will vary according to the taste of the men in question. Nonetheless, here are a few rules of thumb to guide you:

  • A few bar stools in front of the bar counter
  • Bean bags and a big couch in front of the TV
  • Small to medium sized tables for those beers and drinks to sit on

As a bonus tip, we would suggest opting for tougher materials like wood, wrought iron, steel, etc. instead of glass or ceramic because they cost less and are harder to be accidentally broken, cracked, or chipped by drunk friends!

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