5 Tips to Save Money on Dog Food

While you’d want to feed your dog on the best meals in the market, there is a risk that you’ll be overwhelmed by the high-cost implication. On average, maintaining a dog requires you to spend approximately $446 annually!

However, the cost will vary depending on several factors including the average cost of living in your region, the size of your dog, and the type of meals that you’d like your dog to take.

While the feeding cost may appear high, we encourage you to look for alternatives that fall within your budget. This article will offer tips on how you can save money on dog food without compromising the meal’s quality.

Capitalize on Free Samples — It Works!

Most companies give free samples to their potential clients to enable them to discern the benefits of using their products and not the competitor. You’ll get to use this product without paying a coin!

You can visit various websites that list companies with free samples to offer. Once you sign up, you’ll get your free samples and feed your dog accordingly. Alternatively, you may consider contacting your favorite manufacturer directly. All you need is to identify your potential dog feed supplier and contact them.

In most cases, the marketing team will gladly respond to your message. The company will require that you register with them using your email address and respond to several survey questions. Once you’re through with the process, you’ll get free samples to feed your dog and give them the feedback after several weeks or months depending on the number of samples awarded.

You may also check with your veterinarian. They might have dog food that they could be willing to share with you. However, you should be wise in the way you approach this issue to ensure that you don’t sound too desperate!

As you may have realized, there are numerous ways of getting free samples! You should research extensively to identify the exact companies offering the privileges.

Buy Dog Food in Large Quantities

Buying dog meals in large quantities offer you an opportunity to get discounts thus better prices. You need to look for shops that sell the meals in wholesale terms around your area. Once you identify your favorite store, you should visit them and discuss the terms of purchase. Ensure that you push for better discounts since you’re willing to purchase large quantities of dog meals.

However, you should be careful to ensure that you only buy that which will be used up before the expiry date. Many people wrongly assume that dogs can eat anything, including expired meals; this is untrue. Always ensure that you feed your dog using fresh meals!

Buy Cheap Food

While you’ll spend less when you choose this method, you’re likely to get poor quality dog feeds! It’s not recommended to compromise on the quality due to cost.

However, you can get high-quality brands that are competitively priced. Before you purchase the dog meals, you should research to ensure that you understand the reason for the low pricing. If you realize that some nutrients are missing, you should avoid buying it.

Also, you should always avoid foods with too many preservatives, food coloring, and other junk content. Always check the label to ensure that you buy the best dog meals for your dog.

Remember that poor quality food may lead to health complications in your pet. As such, you may be trying to save some coins today only to spend triple of the savings tomorrow on veterinarian bills!

Make Dog Food at Home

If you have disposable time, this would be the best method. It ensures that you get the best quality meal at a reasonable cost. The DIY techniques help you to keep proper records of your dog’s health and you would comfortably account for the meals in case anything goes wrong!

Also, the method allows you to know the specific constituents of the meals that work the best for your dog and those that don’t. As such, you have the opportunity to take control of your pet’s health status. As an added bonus, homemade dog food can make a great surprise gift for your friends’ and family members’ pooches!

If you need recipes, you can always check online. If in any doubt, it’s always advisable that you consult your vet for guidance.

Seek Advice from Other Dog Owners

You should always ask around before buying dog meals. Take the advantage of the experiences of other people by asking them relevant questions that will inform your decision on the type of food to buy.

Some people will advise you to buy in large quantities while others will refer you to specific stores. However, before you believe the reviews, you should always undertake an independent research. Always feed your dog a balanced diet, but take heed not to go broke doing it!

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