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5 Jobs That Will Dominate 2019

5 Jobs That Will Dominate 2019

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The year 2019 holds a promising future for many of us, especially in terms of career. With the advent of technology, growing population, and new innovations, more and more new jobs are being created. Every year a list of in-demand jobs are being posted. Several factors play out to determine these posts.

Jobs that usually dominate are from the industries of medicine, information technology, engineering, and finance and it is not so different for this year. In order for a job position to be considered in-demand, it needs to fit several criteria. For one, it needs to have an astounding salary. The people in the field feel highly satisfied. And the risk of redundancy is little.

If you are ready to make a change, here are some jobs that will dominate 2019.

Data Scientist

Data scientist are for those with a degree in IT, computer science or engineer, math or physics. This job requires you to make sense of a disordered data through various methods like statistics and computer software. The main job of a data scientist is to interpret the data at hand and give an insight into it. The average salary for an experienced data scientist can be in the six figures.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Because our society has become virtually connected more so than ever before, the boom of cybersecurity is fairly predictable and inevitable. Major companies, even governments see cybersecurity as a major concern. Hackers continuously evolve more sophisticated and complicated cyber attacks, this means that thesecurity required to protect us needs to be incessantly developed, making this job in demand.

With IoT, even normal people like us may need their expertise to keep our home free from hackers. A cybersecurity expert can make around $80,000+ with a job growth demand of 28 percent.

Physician Assistant

A physician assistant (PA) is becoming the new norm with more people opting to be a PA than a MD. This job lets you work in the medical field without doing that 5-7 years of residency. PAs assist the doctors in terms of diagnoses, treatment plants and sometimes surgeries but the majority of your work will be in an office setting or urgent care, rather an OR.

In this field you can expect to make over $100,000 and will have fjob security as the unemployment rate is 0.7.


Podiatrist, or a foot and ankle surgeon, may look like a boring field of medical care but these doctors are expected to increase its demand to 10.3 percent. Their major concerns are the stubborn calluses, painful arthritis, discomforting ankle sprain, and even complications of diabetes in the lower extremities.

AI Engineer

Have you noticed that you have been talking to chatbots more often than before? Well, it is because we have entered an era where AI or artificial intelligence is seen as the front runners in terms of services like customer care. These systems are created by AI or machine learning engineers. They are also the people behind software and platforms that mimics the intelligence of people like Cortana And Siri,

This job is considered one of the faster-growing tech jobs due to the steadily increasing need for more AI assistants and corporations wanting efficiency thought automation in their production.

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