4 Careers Worth Considering in 2016

Are you in the market for a new job this year? Whether you’ve been stuck working in the same job for years and are looking for a change of career or are considering going to college in order to study towards a specific career goal, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many option available. With unemployment on the rise and an increasing number of graduates unable to find jobs after finishing their degree, it’s important to know which careers are more in demand than others when you enter the job market in 2016.


Nursing has always been a job in demand, and due to the Affordable Care Act, the need for qualified nurses has grown even more over the last year. Nursing can be a very fast-paced and demanding position, but it is also hugely rewarding, with much potential for growth, development and potential. Thanks to online learning, you can now study to become a nurse completely online, which is great for anyone who’s looking to further their career or change career whilst still working full time. Online courses in nursing are available from undergraduate level right through to a Doctorate in Nursing Practice. You can go from being completely unqualified right through to becoming a Doctor of Nursing Practice by studying for a bachelor’s, master’s, and DNP online.

IT Careers

As cybercrime poses a bigger threat to an increased number of businesses, IT professionals are more in demand than ever before. Whether you are already qualified in IT or want to study it at degree level in order to become better qualified for a range of IT positions, you can expect to see the demand for qualified and specialized IT professionals continue to grow as more businesses realize the risk of cyber threats and security breaches.

Virtual Work

In recent years, the demand for a virtual workforce has grown in many companies. Thanks to cloud computing, more businesses are hiring virtual, remote workers as they can save on costs as there is no need to rent physical office space and equipment for employees. Depending on your skill set and qualifications, there are a range of career options which you can do remotely. If you’re looking for a career which affords greater flexibility and possibly the option to work from home, you should look into becoming a remote worker or freelancer.

Customer Service

If you are friendly, outgoing and good with other people, you might want to think about a career in customer service. As businesses recover from financial difficulty due to the economy improving, there has been an increasing demand for professional customer service representatives to deal with the customers of companies in a range of different industries. Customer service is at the heart of the vast majority of companies.

If you’re unsure of which career to pursue or change to, choosing one of the most in-demand careers can help guarantee you the position that you want.

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