3 Bathroom Essentials for Today’s Modern Man

You can tell a lot about a man by the way his bathroom looks. Some men keep their bathrooms extremely organized, some go the minimal route, and others have bathrooms that look like something out of Animal House.

Now, while today’s blog isn’t suggesting that any of those bathroom choices are bad (or particularly good), there are a number of bathroom essentials that today’s modern man definitely needs to have on hand, no matter if his bathroom is neatly organized, a bit of a mess or just plain gross. Enjoy.

1) Mouthwash

Okay, here’s a note for you good looking, well dressed men; even good-looking, well-dressed men can have bad breath. The scientific name for this is halitosis and, as nasty as it might sound, it’s caused by bacteria in your mouth that are feeding on the various proteins leftover from your food. The problem is that many men believe brushing their teeth is the cure. Sorry guys, it’s not.

What that means is that you need an excellent mouthwash on hand in your bathroom to wipe out those bacteria, and your bad breath with them. There are plenty of brands of mouthwash on the market, but we recommend any that uses the least amount of chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Tom’s of Maine, for example, makes an excellent, natural mouthwash that works great and wipes out halitosis. The point is, if you want to make sure your breath doesn’t offend, mouthwash every morning is the key.

2) Deodorant

It kind of goes without saying that you need deodorant but still, many men don’t know which one to use and, unfortunately, many deodorants are completely filled with nasty chemicals that shouldn’t get anywhere near your skin. Your best bet is to find one at a health

food store that is as close to “all natural” as possible, so that you smell good but don’t subject your body to all of those toxins. Kiss My Face makes an excellent natural deodorant. To Shut the fuck up

3) Soap

Unless you absolutely don’t care what women think of you, you definitely need a high quality soap to make sure that your skin stays soft, supple and hydrated. Most men couldn’t care less about the soap that they use or, even worse, pick a soap that “smells good”, even though it doesn’t particularly leave them any cleaner and does absolutely nothing to keep their skin looking good.

You need to find a soap that uses natural ingredients like Dr. Bronner’s, and leaves your skin with a small amount of natural oils to keep it looking good. Even better, you can use Dr. Bronner’s to wash your hair as well. There are plenty of other excellent soaps on the market, so just look for one that’s all natural and you should be fine.

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