Never Look Dumb at the Casino Again


A night at the casino can be an insane amount of fun – but also a humiliating experience if you just stand there watching since you don’t know what the rules are. Most casino games are very simple (except for craps, I never quite understood that one), easy to play, and quick. Some of them are fun – like the slots – while others are rather classy, made famous by literature or the movies. But they have one thing in common: you should know how to play them.

The good news is that you don’t have to buy books or spend hours with research – you can learn them the fun way online.

Virtual casinos

The best way to learn about the secrets of casino games is to play them in a virtual environment – this means online. And not in a social app – those are always built to make the most money off the player. Instead, you should head over to a real money gaming venue to play, even in “fun” mode, since those are required to be fair by their licenses.

The All Slots casino in Australia is such an example. When it comes to game variety, the All Slots Casino beats everything you’ll find in the Play Store: it has over 100 mobile games, and more than 700 in its downloadable suite. Of course, most of them are slot machines (hence the descriptive name of All Slots Casino), but aside from those, you’ll find every game you would at a real-life casino – and possibly in much bigger variety.

If you want to practice at a real-life casino, you’ll have to pay the price (there is no free play in Vegas, you know). But at the All Slots Casino, you can do all the practice you want without it costing you a dime. Simply create an account, log on, choose “practice mode” and play for as long as you’d like to. No strings attached – unless you plan to win real money, of course.

Games to play

The slot machines were for decades the most popular games in Vegas – but not anymore. They are games that rely on chance alone, leaving nothing for skill or strategy. Younger generations prefer a challenge (as Vegas executives have found out), so they play games that involve more of that – like blackjack, for example. And blackjack is best learned online.

But blackjack is not the only game you should be experiencing with. Roulette, as simple as it seems, has many things to explore. So is Baccarat – which is, by the way, the favorite game of James Bond. But there are many other games you can practice free of charge online, and put your knowledge to good use on your next trip to Vegas – War, Pai Gow Poker, and the list could go on forever. And you’ll never have to look dumb again at the casino.

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