Fearless Men’s Weekly Round-Up | November 8th, 2012

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ATTENTION: This month we’re doing a Fearless Men’s Beard and Mustache Competition that any man can enter. Sign up and leave feeling Manly! You know you want to win it!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our very own Todd was a guest speaker over @ The Free Financial Advisor for their weekly podcast called: Special Skyfall Release Episode–2 Guys & Your Money 017: What if James Bond Needed Financial Advice? Go give it a listen and at the 39:25 mark you’ll hear Todd and AverageJoe discuss James Bond’s financial gadgets. Todd also wrote about these gadgets on Monday here for you to read. There are other weekly podcasts to if you’re interested.


How to talk to people without feeling awkward by Alden Tan

“This isn’t a guide on how to talk  with the goal of impressing them, getting them to buy something or totally win them over. I won’t talk about stuff like NLP or body language. This is a guide on working your inner-self, on getting out of your comfort zone to being able to start talking to others with ease.”

Are Rich People Really That Different From the Rest of Us? by John @ Frugal Rules

Here’s a topic I think most of us are curious about. I’m sure we all at one point wonder what separates us from the rich, other than their cash and style of living.

It’s Okay Not To Be Perfect by Alex Blackwell @ The Bridgemaker

“It has taken me more than 50 years to write this…..Low self-esteem layered with a thin veneer of confidence has left me feeling anxious. Questioning if I was doing this right or doing that like others has kept me from enjoying the simple joys of life more times than I care to admit. But no more. It’s time to leave this piece of baggage behind.”

iPad Mini Giveaway and $100 in Paypal Cash! by Jason @ Work Save Live

Compete and win! It’s easy to do. I just finished signing up and it only took me a couple minutes.

Virtually Dumped @ Woman In Thrisis

Todd wrote an article awhile back on 8 Reasons Why You Keep Getting Dumped and it ended up being the inspiration behind this woman’s article so we thought we’d share it here.

Finding That Spark Again by Hannah @ Preciously Preserved

This is a great read for all men. Written by a woman so we get their perspective. Whether you’re single, dating or married we can all walk away having learned something and store it for future use.

“Are you feeling like your relationship with your husband or wife is a bit dull?  Perhaps it lacks zest.  You have a routine…You come home from work exhausted and plop down in front of the television and then go to bed.  Well, a marriage like that  can become monotonous and nothing like a marriage at all, but more like a live-in-roomie situation…So, brainstorm, get your pen and paper ready for some great tips on how to liven up your marriage and put the spice back in it!”

The right way to handle tenants who are moving out by Terry @ Fix em Up Rent em Out

I always picture one of two scenarios. 1) The tenant wants their deposit back so they move out leaving it better or close to the standard it was when they moved in. 2) They trash the place and that’s why they’re moving out. haha! See what wisdom Terry has to share if you’re ever in this predicament.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Save on Auto Insurance by Jeremy @ Modest Money

Why are you paying for expensive auto insurance? If it’s more than you could be paying elsewhere then it’s expensive.

Payday Loans Regulations in Montana by Jon the Saver @ Free Money Wisdom

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Round-Up. Remember, the first rule of Fearless Men is to tell another man about Fearless Men. And we’ll definitely appreciate you spreading the word about our Movember 2012 competition.





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  1. Looks like a good group of posts. I just finised signing up at WSL as well, that iPad Mini would make a nice Christmas gift. :)

  2. Great roundup, as always!

  3. Thanks for the mention. I hope you have a great weekend.

    I’ll be spending my weekend growing my mustache!!

  4. Congrats on making it to the podcast and I hope your challenge goes well! I’m linking up to it in my post tomorrow! Have a great weekend gentlemen!

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