Killer crabs and dangerous workplaces: solve your accidents

You’ve bolted across rooms holding scissors, dive bombed into shallow swimming pools and crossed the road without looking left or right – YOU’RE FEARLESS. UTTERLY FEARLESS. But what if there was a time when your avid commitment to fearlessness backfired more than a Jamie Pollock own goal? What if those scissors suddenly turned into adders […]

6 Hair Grooming Tips for Men who Care about How They Look

The average guy, if left on his own, would give up caring about grooming in a heartbeat. Of course we live in a civilized world and, unless you’re stuck on a deserted island or live in Siberia, keeping all of the hair on your body neat and trim is a definite must if you’re a […]

Five tips for the serious casino gambler


With the summer months now well and truly upon us, we’re all looking for last minute holiday deals and dreaming of getting away somewhere hot. Beach holidays may come as standard for some, but for others – particularly the stag party cohort – a casino holiday is the perfect way to let off steam. If […]

Essentials for All-Day Mountain Bike Rides


Nothing beats an all-day outing on your bike, but the fun comes to an end if you’re not prepared for adverse conditions. Even if the weather is fine and your bike performs to perfection, you’ll need to make sure you’re carrying a few essentials. Here’s what you should pack for trips lasting up to about […]

How To Survive on Food You Hunt

Whether you’ve just chosen to eat wild game because it’s healthy and more rich in nutrients than store bought meat, you’ve gone off the grid to live a stress free life, or you’re preparing for the end of the world, there are some essential skills and supplies you will need in order to survive as […]

3 Bathroom Essentials for Today’s Modern Man

You can tell a lot about a man by the way his bathroom looks. Some men keep their bathrooms extremely organized, some go the minimal route, and others have bathrooms that look like something out of Animal House. Now, while today’s blog isn’t suggesting that any of those bathroom choices are bad (or particularly good), […]

Putting a Number on Your Fearlessness


There are different ways to try to get a handle on your degree of fearlessness in any given scenario. You can climb higher, dive deeper and drive faster and measure just how high, how deep and how fast you’ve travelled. But whilst those figures will tell you something about your physical accomplishments, they offer only […]

Never Give Up – A Man’s Guide to Getting Back Up

Never Give Up

Take a moment and think back to some of your biggest failures. How did you feel? What did you do? Where did you go from there? Did you have a “Never Give Up!” mind set? I think for most of us the initial feeling is absolute despair. You put all your effort behind it only […]

Stories of Overcoming, and the Tech That Makes It Happen

jesus's best quotes

The last overcomer I looked up to was Lance Armstrong. He was crazy good at what he did. Better yet, he had to overcome cancer to do it. For many cancer sufferers, taking their next breath is a victory. Lance did that while repeatedly winning one of the toughest sporting challenges of our time. Unfortunately, […]

Smash Fear, Learn Anything – with Tim Ferris


Think of something you’re afraid of. Swimming, approaching a girl, dancing, cooking, interviews or whatever it may be. Now ask yourself this, “What’s the worst that could happen?” – This is all you need to do to face that fear and learn to do anything. “It’s often times what you do, not how you do […]