10 Tips on how to be a Better Father

Today’s blog is the collection of 10 tips for fathers on how to be to a better father. They’re in no particular order but all of them are definitely helpful. Enjoy.   Spend as much time with your children as humanly possible, especially when they’re younger. Children grow up incredibly fast and, before you know […]

Balancing Your Sports Obsession And Life

There is nothing wrong with being passionate about sports. It’s a guy thing (and sometimes a woman thing too), and there’s something to be said about having that kind of dedication to something you simply watch on TV (or maybe see a live game every once in a while). It makes sense that someone that […]

Dating Tips for Single Dads

As a single dad, dating goes from being awkward and confusing to extremely awkward and confusing, especially if the children you have are relatively young. That being said, if you’re divorced but don’t want to be alone, dating is certainly going to be a necessary evil. (Who knows, you might even have some fun too.)  […]

6 Hair Grooming Tips for Men who Care about How They Look

The average guy, if left on his own, would give up caring about grooming in a heartbeat. Of course we live in a civilized world and, unless you’re stuck on a deserted island or live in Siberia, keeping all of the hair on your body neat and trim is a definite must if you’re a […]

6 Tips that will make you a Healthier Man

Looking for tips on how to stay healthy, stay slim and make sure that, as you age, your health stays in pretty good shape? Then today’s blog is going to help you a lot because we have 6 excellent tips that will help make you a healthier man. Enjoy! Tip #1: Stop working so much […]

21 Things Your Father Should Have Taught You about Being a Man

Some dads do a great job teaching their sons about what it means to be a man, others… not so much.  If your dad wasn’t around to teach you how to be a man, or maybe just wasn’t much of a talker, today’s blog with 30 of the things he should’ve taught you about being […]

Essentials for All-Day Mountain Bike Rides

Nothing beats an all-day outing on your bike, but the fun comes to an end if you’re not prepared for adverse conditions. Even if the weather is fine and your bike performs to perfection, you’ll need to make sure you’re carrying a few essentials. Here’s what you should pack for trips lasting up to about […]

How To Survive on Food You Hunt

Whether you’ve just chosen to eat wild game because it’s healthy and more rich in nutrients than store bought meat, you’ve gone off the grid to live a stress free life, or you’re preparing for the end of the world, there are some essential skills and supplies you will need in order to survive as […]

Climbing Your Way to the Top — What to Wear When Rock Climbing

One of today’s most popular sporting activities both outdoors and within indoor facilities is rock climbing. While it often seems like all rock climbers are professionals or seasoned veterans of the sport, everyone started right at the bottom of the cliff or mountainside, just as you may be planning to. One of the most important […]

Whiskey Wednesday Review

Welcome All! Fearless Men has decided to shake things up a bit and will be featuring a weekly Vlog on Whiskey reviews. My friend runs the site Whiskey Blooded, and will be loading content on to it soon. In the meantime, stop by his weekly Whiskey Wednesday reviews and give the thumbs up to his […]