Beat the Blues Sad Bag Head

How to Beat the Blues-8 Quick Tips to Get Yourself Going

Have you ever slumped into the can’t-get-anything-done, dragging-your-feet, feeling-super-down-all-the-time-blues? Once you get stuck in that rut it’s hard to break out. But if there’s one thing I know, when momentum is headed in the wrong direction, I keep … [Read More...]

Love Life

Where to Go On A First Date Featured

Where To Go On A First Date [Infographic]

After yesterday's excellent post by guest blogger Anna on How To Make A Good First Impression: Get The Next Date Right, I was thinking about that "next date." A big part of making a good first impression is knowing where to go on a first date. While chewing … [Read More...]

Better Man

Humility Is Strength Cropped

Become a Better Man: Humility is a Strength and Trait of A Real Man

We live in a world where the measure of a man is upside down, and most men and women have it backwards. The traits of a real man are no longer on display, but are instead replaced with fakes that are masquerading all around our TV’s, magazines, and … [Read More...]

Forex into the Future: A Quick Guide to Spread Betting

2016 has already proven to be a somewhat unpredictable year in terms of market movements and future trends. With continued economic instability throughout the Eurozone and thanks to the potential of a Brexit in the not-so-distant future, many traders are … [Read More]

Tips For Overcoming Premature Ejaculation And Erectile Dysfunction

If you find yourself ejaculating too quickly, or have problems getting or keeping an erection, then you are not alone. One in ten men have issues such as these, but many of them are simply too embarrassed to see their regular GP. Premature ejaculation is … [Read More]

Guys Trips vs. Girls Trips

Ever wonder the difference between a trip that you and your buddies take and a trip your girl and her friends take? Well there are some major differences that you might not be aware of.  Girls spend way less money than guys on a vacation. Not only do they eat … [Read More]

What is the Right Age to Settle Down?

As a young professional woman in America, I heard my male friends talk about wanting to wait until the age of thirty to get married. Most girls I talk to want to be married before they are thirty. I know society says that women mature fast than men most of the … [Read More]

Ways to keep it Cheap in Las Vegas without Being Cheap

When visiting Las Vegas there are so many different actives and things to do! From the shows, to the night clubs, to the fancy dinners, and other activates anyone can do Las Vegas on a dime and still have the best time. Over the past weekend, four of us … [Read More]

Want to look Handsome – Here are a Few Tips for You

The first thing that comes to the memory when thinking about beautiful shaving is to choose the best shaving products. There are ample brands and varieties of products available at stores; however, choosing the right one does matter for the expected … [Read More]